Illinois Rocstar LLC produces high-performance parallel engineering software and performs computational engineering analyses for U.S. industries and government agencies. Using an evergrowing growing set of multiphysics software tools, our technical staff employ first-principles based physics for high-fidelity numerical analysis of fluid flows, combustion, materials, structures, and their interactions in complex changing geometries.

Our unique combination of domain science, numerical simulation, and programming knowledge enables us to quickly and effectively develop high quality scientific software. Our competitive advantages lie in our deep knowledge of high-performance simulation and computing, future breadth of penetration of our open source tools, and the unique nature of our micromaterials modeling packages. These tools include open-source and proprietary software destined for commercial licensing.

Our Mission

Illinois Rocstar’s mission is to provide predictive modeling and simulation for industry, science, defense, and security.

We seek to support our vision that high-fidelity modeling and simulation will enhance the nation’s security and economic position while minimizing cost and physical risk. Illinois Rocstar works to achieve this through development of advanced multiphysics software, and through application of our—and others—software to solve difficult engineering problems in applications from solid propellant rocket performance to ultra-high-performance-concrete microstructure. Our focus is to develop high quality open-source and propriety scientific software. We draw upon our base of scientists and engineers trained in engineering, physics, chemistry, and computer science. Illinois Rocstar open-source and proprietary multiphysics software, combined with our technical expertise, comprises our core competency. This allows us to understand and address client needs using a broad base of technical knowledge.


Since the company’s inception as a five-person startup in 2007, founders Mr. William Dick and Dr. Mark Brandyberry have been intimately involved with the day-to-day operations of the company. The remaining founders function as investors who are closely engaged with the modeling and simulation technologies used at Illinois Rocstar.


We are always searching for high-quality scientists, engineers, and technical sales people with the aptitude and desire to work in the field of high performance scientific simulation and computing. Open positions are specific skill positions in which we are currently soliciting applicants.

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