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Multiphysics Simulations Supersonic nozzle flow against a flat plate, showing density (grey) and vorticity (colors). Read More >

Rocstar Simulation Suite Cutaway of a joint slot in the Space Shuttle solid motor showing inhibitor fluid-structure interaction. Read More >

Multiphysics Simulation

Multiphysics Simulation Overview

Nozzle 1The Rocstar Simulation Suite represents a revolution in multiphysics simulation with its innovative multiphysics coupling methodologies and infrastructure. Our scientists build on this infrastructure with high-fidelity, comprehensive, seamlessly integrated simulation tools adaptable for use across the broadest range of needs for multiphysics simulations in fluid-dynamics, solid mechanics and heat transfer. We’ve delved into the depths and intricacies of complex multiphysics simulation scenarios to produce an simulation suite above and beyond anything commercially available to perform multiphysics science computations. To paraphrase Archimedes, Rocstar gives you the leverage to move the world.

The Rocstar Simulation Suite lets scientists, designers, engineers and analysts perform multiple types of high-fidelity fluid-structure, fluid-thermal and fluid-structure-thermal interaction simulations. In addition, the suite’s core architecture forms the basis for research and development in generalized code coupling methodologies, inter-code/inter-mesh data transfer, mesh motion, and mesh optimization for massively parallel, coupled simulation tools. This forms the basis for the evolving open-source IllinoisRocstar multiphysics toolkit .

UntitledOne example of the power and efficiency of Rocstar’s multiphysics capabilities relates to simulations of thrust generation and nozzle erosion and regression in solid-propellant rockets. Rocstar’s efficacy in this field was initially proven during a PHASE I High-Fidelity Multiphysics Simulations of Nozzle Erosion contracted by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency. The project employed the Rocstar Simulation Suite to examine thermal boundary layers forming along the nozzle walls, compute heat fluxes and erosion rates, impose appropriate inflow conditions, extract flow fields and invoke a multi-scale asymptotic analysis of turbulent flows inside the SRM chamber.

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