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Opensource Multiphysics Infrastructure

The Consortium for Open Multiphysics

OpenMultiphysicsIllinois Rocstar LLC is leading a project to establish the Consortium for Open Multiphysics, a community of scientists, engineers, analysts, and developers from industry, government, and academia, dedicated to the design and implementation of a free and open interface and toolkit for application integration to aid in multiphysics development and simulation. (See August 2014 presentation here).

The broad overarching goal in this project is to establish an infrastructure wherein multiphysics technologies can be rapidly conceived, deployed, studied, and ultimately utilized, all by the domain scientist(s) seeking to accomplish the simulation. A key step in realizing this goal is to specify, develop, and implement an open infrastructure for general software integration in the HPC environment. This infrastructure will provide the technology for existing applications to exchange data, share computational methods, and a mechanism for control flow orchestration. Once a solid foundation of general software integration technology is established, simulation and multiphysics-specific constructs can be formed on the integration substrate.

A common infrastructure for software integration will enable commercial entities to provide integration-ready software using existing in-house technologies while protecting their intellectual property at a fraction of the current cost. Industrial, academic and government researchers will directly benefit fLayers3Drom the capabilities provided under a standardized integration interface since it will facilitate rapid prototyping of multiphysics simulation software and enable the integration of existing software with new open and commercial developments.

For the initial technical effort in this area, we will describe and implement a particular approach for parallel application integration and partitioned multiphysics coupling in which each domain and its respective specialized simulation application is centrally interfaced and control flow is centrally orchestrated.

Details and downloads are available on the OpenMultiphysics Sourceforge site. We currently call the infrastructure definition and architecture MPACT (Multiphysics Application Coupling Toolkit), and the downloadable Illinois Rocstar reference implementation of MPACT is called IMPACT (Illinois Rocstar Multiphysics Application Coupling Toolkit). We encourage any interested organization or individual to browse the site, download the software, and join the consortium to ensure that the infrastructure becomes an important capability for industry and government multiphysics needs.

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