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High Performance Computing


Advanced systems. Precise results.

Capability Matters. High performance computing (HPC) is essential for computationally intensive tasks. Rocstar houses state-of-the-art HPC hardware on premises and has access to some of the most formidable computing banks in the world.

Rocstar owns and operates multiple high-end multicore engineering workstations and a general-purpose graphical processing unit machine with two NVIDIA Fermi GPU cards and dual Nehalem-based quad-core processors. Rocstar’s Mercury cluster, a 2.4 GHz 256-core Intel Nehalem-based computational cluster, is equipped with 2 GB of 1066MHz RAM per core, 4 TB of dedicated hard-disk space, and a QDR InfiniBand interconnect. Rocstar also owns a 20TB disk storage array attached to the cluster. Our customers include the giants of the industry such as NASA and Sandia National Laboratories.

Beyond access to our own Mercury cluster and a massive parallel computing network, Rocstar gives you tools that make these resources efficient. Our computationally parallel, highly scalable software can utilize the world’s most powerful machines. The Rocstar Simulation Suite integrates disparate physics modules, allowing them to interface with each other seamlessly in a massively parallel multiphysics simulation. Simulations of up to 50,000 cores have been run with good scalability. The ROCUQ (Reduced Order Clustering Uncertainty Quantification) methodology can reduce runtimes for uncertainty quantifications from weeks to days or from days to minutes by efficiently generating results with as few as five to ten—versus many thousand—high-fidelity simulation runs. Finally, Rocstar’s newest product: the open source IMPACT Multiphysics Application Coupling Toolkit, will allow construction of unique multiphysics simulation capabilities without the requirement for paying licensing fees. Thus, by leveraging Rocstar’s HPC capabilities, you not only bring costs down to earth but also save time and resources that can be directed toward your next innovation.

Contact us to learn more about Rocstar’s Mercury cluster, our partnering HPC resources and the Rocstar software designed to harness their power for your simulation needs.