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Multiphysics Simulations Supersonic nozzle flow against a flat plate, showing density (grey) and vorticity (colors). Read More >

Rocstar Simulation Cutaway of a joint slot in the Space Shuttle solid motor showing inhibitor fluid-structure interaction. Read More >


The Illinois Rocstar ChemistryHUB project is designed to construct an easy-to-use, web-based, multiphysics chemistry modeling and simulation platform for general use by industry, government, and academia.
The web interface is being built around the HUBzero 2.0 package, and we have begun integrating the Illinois Rocstar’s Rocpack tool into a web-enabled package for mesoscale granular material simulation and visualization.
As the project evolves, a variety of open-source chemistry and materials science tools are being integrated into the site along with the capability for using the Illinois Rocstar’s IMPACT multiphysics integration toolkit to form more complex combinations of codes to generate advanced materials and chemistry modeling packages.






See ChemistryHUB news for more information.