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Illinois Rocstar currently has two capabilities for creating unstructured meshes of spherical particle packs in a cube domain. Both codes take a Rocpack generated spherical pack as input and output a mesh for the pack. The first program, PackMesher, generates an unstructured mesh in which each sphere particle has an equal resolution of surface elements and the particles are completely encompassed by the surrounding binder. PackMesher takes user input for the surface resolution as well as the number of times to bisect the mesh in order to prepare the mesh for parallel programs. Additionally, PackMesher can shrink particles and expand the boundaries to improve mesh quality if desired. Below are images of PackMesher generated meshes.PackMesher1PackMesher2

The second program, MeshMaker, uses a uniform spacing for all elements in the mesh, which is a user inputted variable. The key distinction of MeshMaker is the ability to mesh particles intersecting with the boundaries of the pack. It functions by reading a Rocpack produced pack and then generating a script for use with the meshing software Pointwise. It can currently account for the majority of types of particle-boundary intersections. Below is an image of a MeshMaker generated mesh.