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Phase I SBIR Awarded for Modernizing, Enhancing, and Adding a Cloud Interface to Rocstar Multiphysics

February, 2018

Illinois Rocstar was awarded a new DOE SBIR contract entitled, “Rocstar Multiphysics Modernization, Enhancement and Cloud Interface Development,” focused on modernizing and adding new capabilities to Rocstar Multiphysics.

This grant will allow developers at Illinois Rocstar to release a new version of Rocstar Multiphysics as both an open-source application and a cloud-ready, high performance computing service on our Simverse platform (http://simverse.io). Rocstar Multiphysics was originally Developed at the University of Illinois Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets (CSAR) with over twelve years of DOE ASCI funding. Its framework offers both software integration and multiphysics coupling that interface with models and software packages to leverage the user’s scientific and engineering. Simverse, a new design, research, and educational hub focused on enhancing the rate of breakthroughs in complex materials chemistry and design, will host the new Rocstar Multiphysics service along with many open-source offerings from Illinois Rocstar.

Lack of availability, usability, and the cost of development, ownership, and operation of most high-performance compute-ready simulation software suites are significant barriers to increasing the use of modeling and simulation in new industries across the nation. This contract focuses on making updates to and web-enabling a simulation tool to produce new capabilities that are both easy to use and openly available to increase adoption. A web-enabled graphical interface will bring Rocstar Multiphysics to many more users than are possible with the existing command-line toolset. Once new capabilities are added, the interface created, and ease of installation and use are improved, this package will help lower the entry barriers to high performance computing-based modeling and simulation encountered by individuals, businesses, and government entities across the nation. It will also make the tool available to users without access to HPC facilities through our Simverse environment.

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