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Modeling Rocket Propellant Aging

April, 2015

Illinois Rocstar has been awarded a new contract under the Air Force solicitation BAA-RQR-2014-0002, “Motor Aging and Surveillance Technology Development and Demonstration.”

Illinois Rocstar will be leveraging its technologies in modeling energetic materials at the microscale (IMSim), as well as developing new physics-based tools to address needs under this Air Force program. In partnership with a major US rocket manufacturer, this program will develop and validate technologies to support determination of the state of solid rocket motors (SRMs) on an individual basis at any point within their service life (past, present, and future) with an acceptable confidence level in order to enable safe and successful mission completion. These technologies will help reduce the predictive uncertainty of the service life estimate (RP21 Aging and Surveillance (A&S)), with negligible impact to other RP21 goals.

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