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Illinois Rocstar Receives Grant for Development of the “Lethality Impact Maritime Analysis” Toolkit

March, 2018

The Lethality Impact Maritime Analysis (LIMA) toolkit to be developed by Illinois Rocstar received funding from the United States Department of Defense this week.

LIMA will leverage the DoD’s Endgame Framework software system while providing a new set of advanced fast-running models along with high-fidelity simulation tools for lethality and vulnerability analysis of maritime structures. End-users will be able to progressively design maritime targeting scenarios and then perform reliable and accurate physics-based vulnerability assessments on each scenario.

The high-fidelity tools to be developed under this contract will be integrated into LIMA using a flexible, open-source application integration infrastructure that has been developed by and is supported by Illinois Rocstar. For future expandability, LIMA will be designed to be readily extensible to include other modeling tools already in use by DoD designers and engineers, while enabling additional future development adding multiphysics coupling between these tools. The LIMA interface will wrap codes with problem-specific input and output processing tools for scenario-specific configurations. New, intuitive interface constructs will be created using Endgame Framework’s user interface, assisting users in setting up and running tools in the same fashion already used by Endgame Framework.

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