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Illinois Rocstar Awarded Phase I Nuclear Energy System Contract

June, 2016

Illinois Rocstar is excited to announce a new Nuclear Energy Modeling System (NEMoSys) Phase I SBIR project to create a modular, open-source modeling and simulation (M&S) grid data transfer resource. The envisioned NEMoSys product will be a modular, extensible resource designed to be used in both typical application development systems as well as distributed web-services environments.

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) have been an integral part of nuclear energy and nuclear reactor science and engineering for decades. Nuclear reactors, whether Light Water Reactors (LWRs) or advanced concept reactors using liquid metals, are complex machines which require detailed design in complex multiphysics scenarios. The breadth of the physics required to fully describe the operation of a nuclear reactor is typical of many engineered systems in design today, from advanced energy generation systems to advanced propulsion systems, and beyond. The generalized, web-enabled NeMoSys product will be usable not only by nuclear M&S users, but will be available across the entire breadth of High-Performance-Computing (HPC) and advanced simulation needs. Our envisioned web service will provide grid data transfer services to clients while hiding the complexity of the various grid-transfer algorithms. Enabling advanced HPC-based capabilities in this manner will allow assembly of complex toolchains through web-interfaces that can help drive HPC and complex multiphysics simulations deeper into the U.S. engineering and manufacturing base.


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