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Illinois Rocstar Awarded NASA Phase I SBIR to Develop Advanced Battery Modeling Software

June, 2014

Illinois Rocstar LLC will develop and demonstrate the use of the Integrated Computational environment and infrastructure for Electrochemical device Design and simulation: ICED. This environment integrates the user’s personal computational environment with high performance simulation applications for materials and processes.

The current state of the art for electrochemical device design utilizes empirical or highly simplified models, homogeneous materials, and relies heavily on experimentation. ICED will enable device researchers to utilize advanced models implemented in  state of the art simulation software, taking advantage of modern compute hardware, providing a truly predictive and exploratory research and design platform. To demonstrate the feasibility of the system, Illinois Rocstar will develop a detailed three-dimensional model for nanomaterial electrode performance, including modeling of the electrode microstructure, electron conduction, and ion transport in the solid and liquid phases. This model will be integrated into a device-scale simulation with existing simplified models of all device components. The model and simulation tool will be validated against experiments conducted by Xerion Advanced Battery Corp. The system will leverage the Illinois Rocstar open source Multiphysics Application Coupling Toolkit (MPACT).

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