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January, 2015

Illinois Rocstar is happy to announce funding by the US Department of Energy for a new initiative in Computational Chemistry, chemistryhub.org. Dr. Samantha Horvath will lead this Phase I SBIR project.

In this project, a new design, research, and educational HUB (web-based community site using existing
open-source software) to enhance the rate of breakthroughs in complex materials chemistry and
design will be developed. Behind the web interface will lie a network of chemistry
and materials modeling simulation tools for use by a community of users cultivated during the
project. Most importantly, a new, existing Illinois Rocstar open-source multiphysics application coupling toolkit (IMPACT) will be leveraged to construct and facilitate assembly of important multiphysics tools for use on
the site. The resulting community, centralized interface for chemistry and materials design and
research, multiphysics tools, and standardized data formats will set the stage for the next advances
in chemistry and materials multiphysics modeling and research.


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