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Multiphysics Simulations Supersonic nozzle flow against a flat plate, showing density (grey) and vorticity (colors). Read More >

Rocstar Simulation Cutaway of a joint slot in the Space Shuttle solid motor showing inhibitor fluid-structure interaction. Read More >

Our Development Team

The Illinios Rocstar Team

The Illinois Rocstar team works to develop tools for engineering modeling and high-fidelity, predictive simulation for industry, science, and defense. Our skilled, diverse team of scientists and engineers provide an exceptional mix of expertise and cross-disciplinary skills from nuclear engineering and computer science to physics and graphic design. We place a high value on our team’s education; each member of our team is not “just a coder,” but is instead a highly educated professional with a comprehensive knowledge of all stages of the software development life cycle process. When we recruit team members, we look for individuals who show self-motivation and an interest in creative solutions to engineering problems.

For a full listing of our current available positions, click here.