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Engineering Simulation and Modeling Internship

Engineering Simulation and Modeling Internship

Have you ever thought that you’d like to write code to model something awesome? Like rockets? Aircraft? Explosions? Advanced battery performance? That’s what we do at Illinois Rocstar! Producing tools, interfaces, and systems to run on the most advanced high performance computing platforms in the world, we are all about making High Performance Computational Science and Engineering better and easier to use. You must have programming experience in a language such as C++, Python or Java.

The Job
In this full-time, paid internship program, you’ll be working alongside a great team of computationally-savvy engineers and scientists to develop advanced simulation software and create new engineering workflows. You will be involved in setting up complex physical problems, performing simulations, and post-processing results. Everyone on the team contributes to the entire agile process, including planning, development, testing, documentation, and deployment.

We’re looking for programmers with experience in:

Ideal candidates will:

To Apply

To apply, please provide your cover letter and resume. Include any reference to github code or websites you’ve built.
Email your application to: careers@illinoisrocstar.com.