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January, 2015

Rocstar Multiphysics Simulation Suite

Illinois Rocstar is currently negotiating a Phase I SBIR contract with the US Department of Energy to “Harden” the Rocstar Simulation Suite currently maintained by Illinois Rocstar. Mr. Michael Campbell will lead this project. (more…)

January, 2015

Illinois Rocstar is happy to announce funding by the US Department of Energy for a new initiative in Computational Chemistry, Dr. Samantha Horvath will lead this Phase I SBIR project. (more…)

September, 2014

Illinois Rocstar in the News

Chief Operating Officer Mark Brandyberry participated in a local WCIA Channel 3┬ánews story about high-tech businesses in Champaign-Urbana. (more…)

August, 2014

Presentation with IMPACT!

Mr. Michael Campbell, Illinois Rocstar Computational Physicist, presented an overview of the Illinois Rocstar Multiphysics Application Coupling Toolkit (IMPACT) at a recent Department of Energy Workshop. (more…)

June, 2014

Illinois Rocstar Awarded NASA Phase I SBIR to Develop Advanced Battery Modeling Software

Illinois Rocstar LLC will develop and demonstrate the use of the Integrated Computational environment and infrastructure for Electrochemical device Design and simulation: ICED. This environment integrates the user’s personal computational environment with high performance simulation applications for materials and processes. (more…)

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Going beyond convention.

Effective design and engineering for complex phenomena requires precise modeling of the ignition, combustion and performance of nanoenergetic particles, including those found in rocket engines and air-breathing propulsion systems. When interactions are understood and predicted, new possibilities result, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and at the cutting edge.

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.
— Sir Isaac Newton

We study interactions. Complex phenomena like void collapse, fluid dynamics, combustion, shock-to-detonation and subsonic crossflow occur not just in the research laboratory, but also in real-world applications. Learn More >

Multiphysics Simulations

Multiphysics Simulations Supersonic nozzle flow against a flat plate, showing density (grey) and vorticity (colors). Read More

Rocstar Simulation Suite

Rocstar Simulation Suite Cutaway of a joint slot in the Space Shuttle solid motor showing inhibitor fluid-structure interaction. Read More

Insensitive Munitions Modeling

Insensitive Munitions Modeling The response of materials based on their microstructures is critical to designing new, advanced energetics. Read More