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June, 2016

Illinois Rocstar Awarded Phase I Nuclear Energy System Contract

Illinois Rocstar is excited to announce a new Nuclear Energy Modeling System (NEMoSys) Phase I SBIR project to create a modular, open-source modeling and simulation (M&S) grid data transfer resource. The envisioned NEMoSys product will be a modular, extensible resource designed to be used in both typical application development systems as well as distributed web-services environments.


April, 2016 Phase II SBIR

The team at Illinois Rocstar is happy to announce phase II SBIR funding by the US Department of Energy for a new initiative in Computational Chemistry, (more…)

February, 2016

Chemlab Phase I SBIR

Illinois Rocstar has begun a new DOE Phase I SBIR entitled the “The Chemlab Chemistry and Materials Science Lifecycle Data Repository.” The Chemlab project is designed to provide a place for scientists and engineers not only to archive and document their simulation datasets, including provenance information and, at times, output data (or detailed information about the generation of the output data) but to present a location to find datasets again later.


May, 2015

NASA Advanced Battery Modeling Phase II SBIR

Illinois Rocstar has been awarded a new NASA Phase II SBIR to produce the “Integrated Computational System for Electrochemical Device Design and Simulation,” currently called ICED. (more…)

April, 2015

Modeling Rocket Propellant Aging

Illinois Rocstar has been awarded a new contract under the Air Force solicitation BAA-RQR-2014-0002, “Motor Aging and Surveillance Technology Development and Demonstration.” (more…)

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Illinois Rocstar does simulation science; we build the tools, the infrastructures, and the interfaces to help industry gain a return on their investment for using modeling & simulation to improve their processes and products. From macroscale multiphysics that couple fluids, solid mechanics, materials, and chemistry to microscale crystal-level modeling of a variety of granular materials, Illinois Rocstar has tools to help address these areas. Using our open-source Illinois Rocstar Multiphysics Application Coupling Toolkit, developers can build new multiphysics, multiscale applications from open-source or proprietary codes in fractions of the time it would have required previously. We apply the right tools for solving modeling and simulation problems relevant to industry, government, and academia.

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Multiphysics Simulations

Multiphysics Simulations Supersonic nozzle flow against a flat plate, showing density (grey) and vorticity (colors). Read More

Rocstar Simulation Suite

Rocstar Simulation Suite Cutaway of a joint slot in the Space Shuttle solid motor showing inhibitor fluid-structure interaction. Read More

Insensitive Munitions Modeling

Insensitive Munitions Modeling The response of materials based on their microstructures is critical to designing new, advanced energetics. Read More